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'Welcome Di María and Blind'
New post in Mata's weekly blog


Hi everyone again,

One more week and we still haven’t been able to win our first Premier League game. As I said the other day this is not the best moment to write my blog, but you have to be there in the good and the bad times.

We played at Burnley and we had the need to win the match but once again we just got one point. We couldn’t score despite we played practically in Burnley’s half after the break. I couldn’t finish the game as I got a cramp in the back of my leg, but according to the medical tests it is nothing to worry about.

Of course I understand how disappointed our fans feel at the beginning of this season. The players are the first who want to change this situation and to start a good run of results, and I’m sure we will do it. Things are not going the way we want, but every single one of us is trying his best on the pitch, trying to put in practice the work done in the training sessions, and that is how victories shall come, sooner than later. I know words don’t win games but through them I can express what I feel: that I’m looking forward to play the next game to try to win it. I don’t like waiting for a game after a score that has not been good enough. But I also believe that now it’s time to remain calm, work hard every day and be confident that it will bear fruit in the future.

As you read this, many things are happening before the transfer window expires today. Here I would like to welcome Di María and Blind to the club. I am sure these two players will give a lot to us and will strengthen the team. We already know what Ángel is capable of, his ability and dribbling skills, and Daley has a great touch and is very intelligent, as he showed during the World Cup.

I would also like to wish all the best to Shinji Kagawa, a fantastic player but especially a great person. It’s been a pleasure to be his team-mate and I’m sure both Borussia Dortmund and fans everywhere will enjoy his football again. 

In Spain, Sandro, a player formed in the Barça academy, scored his first goal in the First Division and gave his team three valuable points at Villarreal. Real Sociedad beat Real Madrid after being 0-2 down and Eibar were not far from another comeback at Atlético. There is still a long way to go.

Lastly, I would like to congratulate Carolina Marín, the new Badminton World Champion, and I wish good luck to our national basketball team who has just started the World Cup in Spain.

It's understandable that people keep talking about our bad start and try to find who is responsible for that, and I know I always say the same and this bad feeling will only disappear with a victory and not with words, but the most important thing now is to stick together as a team, train hard and be confident that things will change. All together.

Hugs and thank you for your support!




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